Top Five Reasons CFOs Want SAP S/4 HANA

The finance processes and technology platforms that have been utilized in the last 20 years are simply not agile enough for the digital economy.

In the current connected world, new business models are limited by disconnected processes and legacy technologies, and enterprises can no longer wait until the end of the month to see results, or for the annual budget cycle to make investment decisions.

Finance is at the heart of the digital business.

Becoming digital enables finance organizations to reimagine ways to achieve their CFOs’ key priorities: improving efficiency and ensuring compliance, driving business performance, and defining new corporate strategies.

SAP S/4HANA simplifies the core of finance through a single source of the truth. All transactional and planning data is stored one time only, in one place only – the universal journal – so there is no more reconciliation, no more replication, no more aggregation. Instead, the SAP HANA® platform provides a single source of the truth, which allows for a whole new level of visibility and operational efficiency across finance and the enterprise.

The power of in-memory allows finance to perform at the speed of digital – that is, real time – with no more batch jobs, no more rigid system hierarchies, no more waiting for IT to deliver your reports. Instead, a single system provides immediate visibility to all transactions and allows users to perform dynamic and personalized analysis straight from the transactional data. SAP S/4HANA brings business processes and business intelligence together into a single, smooth, digital motion.

Here are the Top Five Reasons CFOs Want SAP S/4 HANA:

One: Dynamic Planning and Analysis

Real-time evaluation and analysis of new business models and M&A through dynamic planning and forecasting

Single version of the truth, available live and at the most granular level for instant plan actual variance analysis, prediction, and simulation on the fly

Two: Soft or Anytime Trial Close

Strong foundation for “soft close”

One universal journal for a single source of the truth, eliminating reconciliation and enabling instant profitand-loss insights and detailed reporting on the fly

Real-time consolidation capabilities for group close

Three: Predictive and Simplified Treasury

Real-time integrated liquidity planning with predictive and automated cash forecasting

Higher transparency on financial exposure through single source of the truth

Simplified and automated bank processes

Four: “Lights Out” Finance 

Radical automation enabling “lights-out” finance

Business networks, coupled with faster deployment models, allowing for dramatic leaps forward in process automation

More agile organizations and operational cost reductions of 40% or more

Five: Always-on Compliance 

Automated and embedded compliance, so that focus turns to protecting the brand

Enterprise risk topics as a focus

Instant identification and prediction of potential fraud along with prevention strategies


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SAP HANA Customer Revolution

Give Your Customers a Valuable Experience

Today marks an important day for your customers. SAP is launching SAP C/4HANA, our new customer experience suite.
We are putting a stake in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) market because we believe the time is right for fourth-generation CRM. After client-server, point solutions, and cloud-based CRM systems, it is time for a new intelligent era in CRM. Today’s systems are fatigued and customers want choice.
The time when it was enough to build strong relationships with customers through great products and great service is long gone. There are table stakes in a world where products are becoming services and the need for engaging customer experiences are formed by a series of moments before, during, and long after the purchase.

The desire for an “experience” is fuelling the customer revolution.

It’s a revolution because people, frustrated with disappointing customer experiences, are in revolt. They are taking charge of relationships with their favorite brands. They don’t think in terms of B2B or B2C. This is the “Me2B” world. What it means is simple: The customer dictates the relationship and determines how they want to interact. They can and do walk away. This applies to both consumers and business customers. Their expectations are impacting the way CRM software is built:

    1. Data privacy. People don’t want their data used without their knowledge. Artificial intelligence allows for powerful analytics of customer data. At the same time, this raises the stakes around data privacy. Once consumers lose faith that a business protects their sensitive data and handles it responsibly, that trust is gone.
    2. Treat people like people. Customers don’t want to be treated like a sales opportunity. They want businesses to know their preferences, anticipate their needs and act accordingly.
    3. Connected Experiences. Finally, given all the choices, channels and options, customers want a consistently great experience every time.

These trends are shaping customer experience. Next-generation CRM is not about automation and efficiency, it is about intelligent engagement and effectiveness. It’s about creating a series of moments which feel genuine and engender trust. Ultimately, it puts people at the center.

Introducing SAP C/4HANA

SAP C/4HANA is a modern integrated suite that enables a business to manage the full customer experience, from lead to fulfilment. It doesn’t just stop when your order is processed. It’s an offering designed to modernize the sales-only focus of legacy CRM solution.
The backbone of SAP C/4HANA is trusted customer data. SAP Customer Data Cloud acts as a central repository for customer data across your business but also empowers the customers themselves to see – and consent to – the data that businesses collect and use. Today, 1.3 billion identities are managed in the SAP Customer Data Cloud.
By using consistent customer data across the end-to-end process from lead to cash, customers can create a consistent and memorable experience for their customers, whether it’s running individualized campaigns with the SAP Marketing Cloud, delivering omnichannel buying experiences with our market leading SAP Commerce Cloud, personalizing sales engagements with the SAP Sales Cloud, or orchestrating the best possible customer service experiences with SAP Service Cloud.
Perhaps the best part of SAP C/4HANA is that it taps directly into the digital core of SAP S/4HANA in a way that no one else can. The strength of the front office is powered by the digital core.
Our customer experience suite C/4HANA is designed for the emerging new business models rather than those of the past. It is built around the customer – and their data – rather than around process automation. Moreover, it acknowledges that storing and using that data is a privilege and should be done with integrity and the consent of the customer.
Connecting with customers is easy, making it a lifelong relationship is what matters. At SAP we earn your trust every day. We are excited to change the customer experience for your customers. Join the revolution with us!

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