ENCROSS – Olde English meaning INCREASE: to become greater or more in quantity, number, degree, value, intensity, power, authority, reputation; to grow; to augment; to advance.

ENCROSS was a sailing ship that brought settlers from London to New England during the Great Migration of 1620 – 1640. These settlers would go on to develop some of the first permanent mills and earliest manufacturing businesses that established commerce in the new world. These businesses began a tradition of innovation, collaboration and community that helped establish New England as a manufacturing and business center known around the world. We are proud to continue this tradition.


The Encross Management Team is composed of experienced and accomplished business professionals from Leading Fortune 500 Technology Companies like IBM®, SAP® , and the Big ‘4” Consulting Organizations. Fueled by demand for Enterprise Application skills in the marketplace, the founders established Encross Consulting as a source of highly competent expertise and industry leading solutions.

We work with clients to deliver expertise through Business Strategy and Process Advisement Services, Enterprise Application Implementation Services, Focused Solution Practices, Application Management Solutions and Outsourcing Services.

Encross Management emphasizes process, methodology and quality in all of our solution offerings; however, there is no substitute for actually having real expertise. All the process in the world can’t make up for the lack of skills and experience. When we have an opportunity to work with clients that understand the need to bring the proper skills and leadership to their particular situation, the ability to deliver a cost effective solution dramatically increases.

Our Management Philosophy is built upon key fundamentals that enable our organization to develop solutions by combining functional and technical expertise, efficient processes and best practices with cost effective execution skills needed to consistently deliver success.

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